The Year Ahead - Your Business's Best

Bring the fullest vision for your business into focus and create a tactical plan that will make 2019 your most impactful and successful year, yet!

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And welcome to The Year Ahead - Your Business's Best.

Creating a vision for your business is the very first step in creating the business and experience of work you dream of. When we invest time, energy and attention in our vision for our businesses, we charge and power them with knowledge and awareness and activate the process of bringing that vision to life, in a very real way. The simple act of acknowledging who we are, and what we want to create begins the process and establishes the path for its evolution.

I'm SO excited to bring this course to you and to participate in this exciting aspect of building of your business!


  • Create the highest vision for your business and get crystal clear about your offering, impact and the success you wish to create and experience in the year ahead.
  • Define your bottom line as a reflection of not only profit but of impact and purpose.
  • Magnetize your business and work with the truth of your offering, what you want to create and how you want to show up...opening your work to new opportunities for success.
  • Get clear about the ways that you want to serve your customers, partners and teams in the year ahead.
  • Define the experience of work that you want to create so that you build a business that supports your desired way of working.
  • Set real targets throughout the year that will serve as tangible, measurable milestones for your business.
  • Articulate real action-items that will allow you to start experiencing your vision in!


  • The formal framework document that you will use to define and measure everything that you do for your business over the course of the next year.
  • The tools and daily practices that will assist you in cultivating the vision that you hold for your business.
  • A program that you can return to over and over to help calibrate and refocus your efforts and provide ongoing support as your business evolves, this year and for years to come.

Your Instructor

Heather Schumacher
Heather Schumacher

Heather Schumacher is an entrepreneur and leader in branding and communication strategy, working with creative entrepreneurs brands and agencies to activate their purpose and the truth the lies at the heart of what they do.

Heather has spent over twenty years in advertising, leading the production of global, innovation-driven campaigns for brands including Nike, Google, Starbucks and Target. She now assists her clients in cultivating their authentic brands, efficient and purpose-driven process and organizations that are rooted in service.

Her clients today range from global, social entrepreneurs to purpose-driven, creative organizations. She is also a speaker and consults with individuals in the areas of leadership and creative workflow strategy
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This course is broken down into two parts. You will want to set aside 60-90 minutes for each part to complete the exercises provided within each and get the most out of this course.


  • Learn about the role that mindfulness plays in cultivating the success of our business.
  • Define your end-game, articulating the ultimate vision for your business.
  • Get clear about where you are now and what you can learn from where you've been.


  • Isolate your intention and vision for the year ahead.
  • Articulate your values, your offering, how you wish to serve and the income you wish to generate over the next twelve months.
  • Create a conscious bottom line that reflects not only your financial targets but impact and purpose.
  • Set clear targets and milestone moments throughout the course of the year that will allow you to start experiencing your vision, now.
  • Learn the tools and practices that will support and inspire the evolution of your business.


“Heather is an excellent brand and leadership strategist. What makes Heather unique is her ability to to connect individuals, entrepreneurs and brands to their inherent wisdom, clearing the path to their success. As an experienced and conscious leader herself, Heather is an inspiration to anyone seeking to take their brand and business to their next level.”

- Suzi Lula
Spiritual Counselor and Best Selling Author

"As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, it's important that I am able communicate the profound impact of my work in a way that inspires others to join in my mission and support what I do. Heather is passionate about service and has a very natural ability to connect which came through in her writing and her ability to articulate my vision. I am grateful for our collaboration and look forward to working with Heather as I continue to promote my work."

- Rachel Cruz
Social Entrepreneur, UK + Pakistan

"Heather was able to articulate the purpose that lives at the heart of my practice in a beautiful way that was authentic to me, my voice and my work. I appreciate her generous and thoughtful approach to collaboration and recommend that anyone seeking to define their brand or clearly communicate their message, work with Heather."

- Cindy Kaplan
Family Counselor, Speaker and Author

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced audio course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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